Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joe Kubert, Moebius and myself on French TV 1972

You have got to see this set of videos! Last century (heh heh) all the comic book artists from all over Europe came to the US, in a kind of International Comic Con, sponsored, on our end, by the Cartoonist's society. (Cause we comic artists had no money.)

The French take their comic books very seriously. They even have TV shows that feature comic books.

They brought their host and crew to New York and interviewed myself, Joe Kubert, and Jean Giraud (Moebius) all together.

Video September 1972

Video October 1972

Thing is, they had this giant pad of paper for all of us to draw on.

Up until now, these two videos have only been seen in Europe, but here it is for you to see.

Yes, I know my hair is silly. And the sideburns... well... it was the style then. 1972. God I looked stupid.

Anyway, for your perusal.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Boston and Batman

What do they have in common?

Well, We're going to be at the Boston Con April 30 to May 1st, and among other things, at a long "Artist's Alley type thingie-place. (O-kay, we've never been to the Boston Con, so we don't know quite how it's set up. …BUT, we'll be there, with bells on. I'll be doing drawings of Batman, among others. We'll have copies of "Batman Odyssey" with us, and, of course, lots of chatting and good times.


Science Eggheads totally welcome. Comic book fans,… more than welcome. I'll be done with Odyssey, and on to "Wolverine", and of course "BLOOD" for "Dark Horse Presents"! What a roster Mike Richardson has lined-up. Gotta say, that Dark Horse is a "Comer".

You'll be seeing covers galore. I'll be able to tell you about my work for the Super-Heroes of the National Hockey League,..and the TACO BELL SUPER DELICIOUS INGREDIENT FORCE, (ARE THESE PEOPLE CRAZY-FUNNY OR NOT?)

My son Josh will be there. He's drawing a 10-page Super-Hero feature. (Josh is the son who's been designing and 'boarding' the new programs for the Sy-Fy Channel, for the last 3 years.) He's just off a 15-page short story, for a Ray Bradbury Graphic Novel.

Jason (Spyda) Adams will be there with his sculpts and models,..and I think we've convinced him to sculpt AT HIS table. His last masterpiece is the ManBat B &W sculpt, for D.C. which pairs perfectly with the B&W Batman.

And, Kris and Marilyn, will make sense of it all.

Did I forget anything? Hmmm. Well, more later.