Friday, January 11, 2013

Dirty little secret #1 this month

People come up to me at cons and on the street, and lean in and say "I LOVED Batman Odyssey", as if it's a secret.
"Man, Odyssey blew me away, it had everything, and when Batman blew up Robin, sheeee-ite!"   .....Then some,.. " What was that whole thing on the net?"
    So I shrug my shoulders and mumble, "I don't know,.. I told everyone it was going to be chapters in a book, and no attempt to tell short stories.  Something (shudder) new. Yet,..somehow, they wanted to know the End of the story, and they didn't want unanswered questions."
     Then, "But you wrapped it up, and I had to go back and read it over again to..." And then ten minutes of conversation,..and then, BLAM "The last chapter,...WOW!"

  So, I do the big-eyed, shake my head and smile that 'What can you do, it's the internet', smile,..and happily sign their 'Batman Odyssey'. Happy (and  a little confused) Puppies all around.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I finished all the pre-orders for England and Emerald City over New Years, and still had time for nd we had our New Years Chocolate Egg Creams.

I also just did covers for the program books for both London Super Con and Orlando's Mega Con.

Jason got some special after holiday sales in, and anybody who wants to pre-order for any of the upcoming conventions, now is the right time to do it.

Thanks and a shout out to everybody who's helped raise money for Peter David and his family. And please go buy his books. That's the best way to help. He's back at work, but obviously, with a stroke, not at 100%. And guess what? Buying his books is a great morale booster. So, really, please do it. You can buy them at this link.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Peter David

This one is really easy. In order to help Peter David, you don't actually have to help Peter David. You can just buy his books. How cool is that? Here's a link to get to where you can order his books. Nothing could be easier. Please go and order his books. Even just one. Everything helps. Thank you so very, very much.