Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Thursday, we go to Philly to set up the booth. We get to town at 1:00pm. People are allowed in at 5:00pm.

After I help put up the sign, I'll be finishing up some sketches from the Dallas I'll be ready for new commissions.

So get to me early and I'll get to your drawing...or whatever...sooner.

See you there.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yes, we are going to the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con

Yes, we are going to the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con (May 31 - June 3, 2012).
Everybody in Philadelphia, and surrounding areas, do you really have something better to do than to go to the Comic Con in your city and meet Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart, Chris Hemsworth (Thor), William Shatner, and everybody you wanted to meet from Star Trek? You can get comic books signed by Mike Deodato, Jr., George Perez, Greg Capullo, and a bunch of other people, as well as me, and my son, Josh Adams (Dr Who, Web Comics etc.). I will be signing the first two signatures for five dollars each and each additional signature for ten dollars each. You may bring as many  things to sign as you want. I don't know what other signatures may cost but the show biz people and Stan will likely be up there. I will have all five sketchbooks there, the book, "The Art Of Neal Adams," the "Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali" large reprint edition and I will have a ton of my very, very best prints that have been such a hit for the last four conventions I have been to. In all honesty the prints are the biggest thing at the table. I will be doing commissions, profiles, head shots, torsos and full figures. If you would like to pre-order there is a really good possibility that we can show up at the convention with your drawing already done. Just get in touch with Jason Spyda Adams, my son, here at the site. We will have original art as well, for buyers and investors.
Let me say something about that.
While nothing is sure in life, the price of art does tend to go up dramatically, and comic book artwork is no exception. Back in the day, I sold artwork for fifty to one hundred dollars. That same work is now worth thousands today.
It's like a really good stock. I have had dozens of people tell me how they put their kids through college on original artwork they bought when they where teenagers.
You know people always ask, "What are you doing this weekend?" and you usually try to make up something interesting. Well, Philadelphia, this next weekend, May 31- June 3rd, you have a Comic Book Convention in your city. And you can have one of the Greatest Weekends of yours and your kids' lives.
Come on down, say hello, you won't be rushed through a line at my booth, and you can stop and chat.
Hope to see you there.