Friday, September 30, 2011

The New York Comic Con 2011

At the New York Comic Con, I will not be doing portfolio reviews. However, we will have a portfolio review event on the Saturday of the con starting at 7 o’clock in the morning at ol’ Continuity. The cost of the event will be $300 per person. You will get to see Continuity, have a very nice breakfast and stick your hand in the meat grinder that is a portfolio review. I will spend time with each person that is there and we will have a general conversation, as well. After which, you’ll be able to go over to the convention which opens at 10 o’clock. This is a portfolio review and not a job interview, so don’t get it wrong. However, I will do my best to guide you into the sort of thinking that hopefully will lead to employment. For those of your that are coming, I’ll see you there.

To reserve your spot, please contact Kris at or call 212.869.4170

Crusty Bunkers t-shirts.

Yes, we will have the Crusty Bunkers t-shirt at our booth. For those of you insane enough to want it, Lord knows why, it will be there. The same awful art direction. The same one color printing. And the same insanity that once was the Crusty Bunkers. This wasn’t my idea. They beat me up to get a Crusty Bunkers t-shirt. If you don’t know what the Crusty Bunkers is, ask somebody. It’s just a little too crazy for me to explain. If you were a Crusty Bunker, I will give you one free, of course.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yep, I'll be at Hanleys on 4 W 33th st TONIGHT, to sign New Avengers 16.1 that I drew for Marvel, written by Brian Michael Bendis and inked by, the incredible Tom Palmer,..WHO,...will also be there to sign with me.
WITH ME and beside me for the VERY FIRST TIME as a co-signer will be Josh, my son, Adams, who will be signing his Dr Who Comic ,..that he Penciled and inked.
Sorry for the late notice.
It's tonight. 6:00 to 8:00 O:clock. I'll be there with bells on.
See you tonight.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weren't You at Montreal this Weekend?

Yes, they speak French in Montreal, but they also speak English. And everybody at the comic book convention up in Montreal spoke English, except for one guy, and four little kids, all of which looked at me when I spoke to them. So I drew Batman for the kids, and I charged full price for the sketchbooks. Now that was a mistake, because it was Sunday, and Marilyn and Saori, Josh's girlfriend, had decided that we should discount the sketchbooks on Sunday. So I took the guy's money, and then I suddenly realized he had given me the full price. And when I looked for him, he had disappeared into the crowd. So there's some French-speaking Canadian out there, that missed a discount cause he couldn't speak English. Now in my book, that's his cost for not learning to speak English. Now, I don't want to get any letters from French-speaking Canadians, looking for that discount, and I'll tell you why. I just made that story up, cause I think this French-speaking thing has gotten out of hand.

Outside of that, it was a great convention. Everybody was friendly, then convention went from 8,00o people last year to get this, 18,000 people this year.

Now you may ask, "How come such an incredible jump in attendance?" Well it wasn't the French/English thing, that's for sure. I'll tell you what it was. It's because my son Josh and I, went on Friday Morning television, and did the best damn interview you could imagine. Then that same night, I went on a rock station, and told everybody about the upcoming convention, and that most folks make-up stories about what they're doing this weekend. And then come Monday, they didn't do anything at all. But that this weekend, they could come right into the middle of the city, and they'd run smack into a comic book convention, and meet Sergio Aragones, Stan Sakai, Herb Trempe, and yours truly. They could buy comics and toys, see cute girls, and guys (I suppose), running around in tight superhero outfits, screaming things like "Avengers Assemble", and strange Japanese words, and finally, they could meet Stan Lee.

Of course, I do have to admit, that the meeting Stan Lee part, was probably why a lot of folks came. Stan was at his best, and I have never heard the "Excelsior" repeated so many times in a 15 minute period, as on last Saturday.