Monday, June 27, 2011

Batman Odyssey - Final 7 on the way

Yo, Neal here.

What the heck is happening with Batman Odyssey?

DC tells us the solicitations have begun for the last 7 monthly issues.

Your stores have not been reacting to your enthusiasm, but rather, they have been reacting to the internet chatter. Chatter that I.... perhaps should have responded to.

Now it's all verblunget and you guys are the ones who are losing out, and I am sorry.

The continuing series is just great! It's exciting and dramatic with neanderthals, evolved dinosaurs, magicians, war, death, gnomes, trolls and tests, the like of which Batman, the modern Ulysses has never faced in his life... all happening in a real underworld.

The multiple climaxes are killer. But if you care.... Man, I hate to say this... you've got to hoc your stores like bloody hell to get these issues.

My promise to you is to give you the best, most exciting comic books ever. I've never failed you, and I never will. But this time, you've got to dig in and demand your stores get this. The best Batman series ever.

A note: You notice Marvel is actually promoting my work for them? Avengers and the "Secret Project?" You'll notice Dark Horse is promoting Blood? Well, for some reason, DC isn't promoting "Batman Odyssey." So.... it's up to you and me, guys and gals.

Neal Adams

Monday, June 20, 2011

That deal on the selling stuff to compete with Amazon will change tomorrow.
I've been doing sketches of Batman on the upper left hand corner of Batman Odyssey and selling that book for $50. People love it. Well, like it a LOT. "Hey, Neal not only signed it. he drew a sketch of Batman in silver in the corner."
Marilyn's idea.
Success at Calgary made her suggest Silver pen sketches of Superman on S'man vs Muhammad Ali. Then a couple wit Ali.
I'll talk to Jason tomorrow about making these available on the site-here.

I think we'll do others on other books an prints as well. What do you think?

Calgary. Loved it. Guys, invite us back.

A store up there, Comic-kazi with a very clever owner named Wes Wong (Took us to a PERFECT dinner and )bought sketchbooks and prints at a good discount for the rack next to his checkout. He said, he'll call a day Neal Adams day, (heh) and likely sell them Out. I'll bet he does, if you go by the response at our booth. If you live near there the store is at 4307 Macleod Trail SW , In Calgary.

Now, just for fun. What not to ask for at the airport, from sales girls with big confused eyes!
At Horton's Donuts don't ask for a Jelly donut. They don't EVEN know what they are.
At a Bagel store don't ask them to SCOOP IT. You'll say it 5 times then describe it then Mime it and finally GIVE UP. Forget asking, in the first place.
If you ask for a side of butter to butter that bagel yourself,.and you look at the butter and it separated into lumps of butter fat lard and salt grease, don't go back to the girl and point out it's lard-lumpiness and horrible separation,... she will merely look at it and suggest it must've been left out near the oven,.....then,...give it back to you.

Signature Thing

I think I resolved this signature thing. First signature free, each additional signature $5.00. That way, there's a guarantee for that special single signature, for somebody who might not have the money in his pocket. And then, for those guys who need lots of signatures, they can evaluate how many they really want.

I just did it in Calgary, and it worked-out just great.

Speaking of Calgary...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just got back from Charlotte. What a nifty city and great people. Made a mistake and tho I was charging $5 dollars a signature on Friday, I pushed it up to $10 a signature on Saturday, and some folks got upset. Sorry folks, I was experimenting, and I went about it the wrong way. For now, I think the $5 will be the number. Some guy was heard to say, "Who does he think he is, Leonard Nimoy?" Then I asked what Leonard Nimoy charged.
$60 to $70. Heh. Clearly, I was NOT a Leonard Nimoy.
Still, Leonard doesn't have stuff to sell,.. Okay, what just jumped into my mind?

Leonard Nimoy selling stuffed Leonard Nimoy dolls. I'm sorry, but it's a great visual.

Oh, well, so at conventions it's $5, for now.. unless it's a kid under 10. Then the signature's free,.. and I'll throw in a free sketch. (So,..bring your kid.)

CALGARY,...not this, but next weekend. We'll be there with bells on.

I just finished pencils on the Avengers book. Brian (Michael) Bendis has posted 4 or 5 pages as a kind of preview. You know where to find him, I trust. I hope you enjoy our efforts,..OH, WAIT,.. you KNOW that Tom Palmer is inking it, right?
Is that cool or what? You ever meet Tom Palmer? BEST kinda people.