Thursday, March 28, 2013

Neal is at Wonder Con today

Neal is setting up our booth at Wonder Con today.  He has more pieces of new art to sell. Books that he can draw small sketches on and make them more personal for you and if you don't want to wait on a line you can go to our site at and look for the Golden Ticket that runs in our banner section. It's a great deal if you only have one day and to many things to see. Neal hopes to see everyone tomorrow. Here is one of the new pieces Neal was working on.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Im back from St Louis and On my way to Wonder Con

Poor Jason has to stay up to date with the Golden Ticket package. I guess saving $50.00 is to hard for people to resist. Sorry, Jase. Love ya.
St Louis was great, as I expected it to be and Wizard is really relating well to comic book fans. They
are also treating my family like royalty. It's nice being Neal.
Now lets talk about Wonder Con, I will be drawing and wanting for good conversation so please come down and see all the new prints and books that we have at our table.
Tell your friends the circus is coming to town.

Best Regards
Neal Adams

Monday, March 25, 2013

Neal's Next Stop Wonder Con

It's Kris again.  Neal is boarding his flight back from the St Louis Comic Con to New York to check in with Continuity and then he is out to Wonder Con.
Neal had a great time in St Louis with the fans. He hopes everyone else had a great time as well.
When Neal gets in tomorrow I will have him update the Blog about the St Louis Con and what we are doing special for Wonder Con.


Friday, March 22, 2013

St Louis Comic Con

It's Kris from Kris's World. Neal is at the St Louis Comic Con today and this weekend. Don't miss out on seeing him. He is doing drawings at the table and signing books as well. He has a 2:00 panel tomorrow where he will be running a (work in progress) trailer of his "Blood" animation based on his "Blood" comic from Dark Horse Presents. Don't miss out on this!  We have tons of prints of Superheroes and Savage types that we are selling at the table as well as the original art. I will be posting pieces we have for sale through the weekend. If you miss out on any of the conventions we are going to and you would like to own a piece of Neal Adams art, please visit our store on our site or bookmark
Have a Great Weekend

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Golden tickets for Mega Con in Orlando

Next weekend, not this, but  March 15, 16, 17 is the  Orlando Mega Con .   However, anytime before the con,  you can pre-order the Golden ticket bag of goodies for $200.  includes Batman illustrated #1 with a tipped in original drawing of B'man by yours truly, signed and dedicated (AT THE SHOW) two prints of your choice, A sketchbook of your choice (A savings of $30.) AND you get to go to the Head of the line, where I'll sign your choices.

If you can't get to the show, sure, we'll send it to you. Just order with  Jason.

FYI Pre-ordering  here is becoming the Name-Of-The-Game for commissions as well. As I type, I'm finishing up a Ms Mystic and other D.C. and Marvel characters later tonight.  No rush-no muss-no bother. It's a GREAT system for me, Jason, my son, taking care of all orders in between sculpting chores, ( See his sculpting site, ), and you folks,... not having to rush at the last minute,.....and yes, I will be doing sketches, during the convention, never fear.