Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Im back from St Louis and On my way to Wonder Con

Poor Jason has to stay up to date with the Golden Ticket package. I guess saving $50.00 is to hard for people to resist. Sorry, Jase. Love ya.
St Louis was great, as I expected it to be and Wizard is really relating well to comic book fans. They
are also treating my family like royalty. It's nice being Neal.
Now lets talk about Wonder Con, I will be drawing and wanting for good conversation so please come down and see all the new prints and books that we have at our table.
Tell your friends the circus is coming to town.

Best Regards
Neal Adams


  1. I see you've scheduled a trip to Montreal this summer! Excellent, will see you there, with a couple of pages in hand, cash, and questions!

    Always love chatting with you!


  2. Yes, I will be all over Canada this summer. Hope to see everyone.