Monday, September 24, 2012

Wizard World Mid-Ohio is a 3-day convention, starting on Friday. Marilyn and I will be there to see you. I've heard only great things about folks in Columbus, and my sketchpad is ready. A bunch of you have asked about sketches at the convention. A few have placed pre-orders. Is this getting to be a thing? I'm beginning to think so. The pre-orders certainly make the process easier for me. I finished a page of Blood earlier, and now I'm finishing-up a Cat Woman commission. It's nice slowing-down, and throwing in those extra details that people like so much. One of my favorite artists, Alan Davis, is going to be there. Give him a special hello from me. Michael Golden is going to be there, and well as another friend of the studio, CM Punk. Is John Cena going to let CM Punk beat his record? Unfortunately, Josh, my son, won't be there tho give me the low-down, and I doubt CM Punk knows the answer. I guess we're all going to have to find-out at the same time. You know folks, a comic book convention is like a circus. And come this weekend, you folks in Columbus, are gonna see the greatest show in town for the whole weekend. And wen Monday rolls around, and folks ask you what you did this weekend, what are you going to tell them? I'll see you at the comic con.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

INFO PRE-and CONVENTION sketches, commissions! To Tyler, Leon, Bruce, Corrie et al: Yes, and Yes,..I DO do convention sketches AND Pre-convention sketches and drawings. I "thought" we told every one,.. but apparently not, so until we do. JUST DO THIS....E-mail Neal

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We just got in our editions of "Batman: Odyssey" Hard Cover! It looks Fantastic! Gorgeous printing! A book full of spectacular art! Neal Adams, a giant in this industry, has returned to the character he put back into the darkness. "Batman"! This is Batman's Odyssey, a completely new vision of Batman's world. Neal designs new vistas for future stories as well as explaining the past. If you are a true Neal Adams Batman fan and if you read it carefully you will see that Neal picks up loose pieces that were left behind from his original Batman run. Like in Batman #232, Page 4, Panel 1. Neal picks the story up again on Page 164, Panel 6 in Batman: Odyssey. Now let’s talk about the line-up of characters. All the characters we love that Neal has written and drawn in his career appear in Odyssey. Batman, Robin, Ra's Al Ghul, Talia, Deadman, Joker, ManBat, Ubu, Sensei, The League of Assassins, and many more new ones. Then there is the line up of the best inkers in our field. Scott Williams (Thank you Jim Lee for loaning him to us) Bill Sienkiewicz, a star in his own right, Kevin Nowlan, an artist’s artist. Paul Neary with that beautiful clean line, Michael Golden the master of dinosaurs and a true fan favorite of Continuity's and, of course, who better than to ink Neal Adams but the master himself, Neal Adams. This is a must have book and its at a Great Price. There is no excuse not to buy this book! Coming in October at your local comic store. K:)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stan Lee's ComikazeExpo at the LA Convention Center

Come see me and my sons Josh and Joel this weekend at the LA Convention Center for the Stan Lee's ComikazeExpo... It ought to be a blast!

Monday, September 10, 2012

WHAT A GOOF! There are three people in Baltimore who didn’t get their commission drawings this weekend. I feel terrible about it. We don’t know how it happened. They were in an envelope in a drawer that somehow never made it into my portfolio. (Did I mention I feel terrible about this?) These three pieces will be going out today via Fed-Ex so that those fans will get their drawings as soon as humanly possible. (I was going to have Superman fly them personally to their homes, but he was busy with a Tornado here in Queens.) To those three people, I am very sorry. To the people who got their drawings, I hope you liked them. You certainly seemed to. Nothing better than a happy fan. Next stop on the Neal Adams express, Comikazeexpo in Los Angeles on September 15th and 16th. It is created and owned by the legendary Stan Lee and is LA’s largest pop-culture convention, held at the LA Convention Center. For anyone looking for that special piece of art, get your preorders in as soon as possible. Can’t wait to see everyone in Los Angeles. Neal.

Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm on a train on my way to Baltimore for the convention this weekend. What a gorgeous day it is. I can't wait to see everybody and I have a whole lot of new product with me, including a bunch of new art and sketches. Come and talk to me about my new First X-Men series by me, Christos Gage and Andrew Currie. The second issue shipped this week. I love to show you some pages from future issues and talk about the upcoming storylines. Come down to Baltimore, the land of comics and least for this weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BALTIMORE HERE WE COME! Last year, a terrible deadline kept me away. This year we're coming, with bells on. Not only myself and Marilyn, but Jason, who was a big hit in Atlanta. Josh, who has recently turned out his second Dr. Who Book, and incredibly, he just illustrated a Christmas children's book for Mick Foley, a massively popular wrestler. If you don't know who Mick Foley is, there is just no talking to you. ATLANTA DRAGON CON Are comic cons just getting better and better? Pre-convention sketches are getting to be such a big hit with us, it actually helps us enjoy the convention even more to have these sketches done ahead of time. Even Jason is into it. He gets to take care of all that work, communicating, and what all, ahead of time. And the fans who get the drawings, seem to be delighted. It's a win-win all around. Ask me how the Atlanta Con was. Folks, if you have missed this Convention, you have missed the circus. Right outside the artist's room, there were local bands of every sort playing and singing all day long. And that was just for starters. There were parties in the streets, in costume. A fifth hotel has been added to the celebration. There were parties and contests in the rooms, and in the lobbies. You have just never seen anything like this. You have got to be there next year. My son Joel, the most critical guy in the family, was grinning ear to ear for four days straight. Oh, and for those of you who care, I received the new, beautifully sculpted, Julie Schwartz Award.