Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A letter From Neal Adams

Dear Comic Creator,

I’m calling you with regard to Gary Friedrich and the auction we are arranging for his benefit. If you wish to send a piece of artwork to be auctioned, you can send it to Continuity Studios. The address is as follows:

Gary Friedrich Auction
c/o.Continuity Studios
15 W. 39th Street
9th Floor
New York, NY 10017

If you would just simply wish to make a donation to Gary’s benefit, go to http://SteveNiles.com/gary.html.

I want you to be assured that anything you send or contribute has nothing to do with whether or not you support his legal battle with Marvel, in any way. All we are doing is collecting money for Gary and his wife to help them live ongoing and to pay their mortgage. As you may know, because Gary is ill, he is unable to support himself financially. We are not saying that Gary and his wife are destitute. She has a job, but things are very tough, and the mortgage is way behind, and will be way behind. So anything you can do, no matter how small, would be appreciated by the community of creators that we are all a part of.

You have my personal thanks, as well. And also, my assurance, that if you are ever in any difficulty, you have a community of people who will help you.

Thank you so very much.

Best regards,
Neal Adams

Don't forget the auction of my Captain America variant cover to help Gary. EBAY

Monday, February 13, 2012

Call To The Comic Book Industry

Fellow creators, we can help Gary Friedrich without taking any kind of position in his case with Marvel. Gary is sick, and he’s about to lose his house, and though he will tell you he is not destitute, he needs help.

If I have to do it alone, I will see to it that he gets his mortgage paid, and gets some money in the bank. But I would like to ask you all to help.

Gary is a victim of the deficiencies of two very bad copyright laws, and the history in the comic book industry of poor practices on everybody’s part. There will be battles in the future, and good will come of them. But this is simply just a bad situation. Gary is one of us. And while we can’t save him from Marvel, and his small place in history, we can help him have a place to live, ongoing. And I can only promise you this. If you find yourself in a bad situation, whether for heath or other reasons, I and others, will join to help you. Just as you have helped to support William Messner-Loebs, Dave Cockrum and others.

Steve Niles who we have been working closely with to organize this, has also set up a way to donate money directly to Gary. Please take a moment to read what he has to say and consider donating to this cause: http://www.steveniles.com/gary.html

While I hope that Marvel would step up and help out too, I can understand that they find themselves in such an unfortunate position that they cannot do so. I would like to believe that they would if they could.

It’s up to us. We will get information out to you as best we can. If you have a piece of artwork that we can sell or auction, you can send it to:

Continuity Studios
15 W. 39th St. 9th fl
New York, N.Y.

212 869-4170.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer.


PS. Offered on Ebay right now to begin to help Gary is the original cover art, by me, to a Captain America variant released earlier this year. A great piece for any collector and it helps a worthy cause. 100% of the auction will go to help Gary