Friday, January 28, 2011

Batman Odyssey #6

Without realizing it, Batman has been drawn into the massive life and death struggle between father, Ras' Al Ghul, and his son, the Sensi.

Yes, the Sensi, Master and Leader of the League of Assassins, is one of the children of the seemingly ageless, Ras' Al Ghul. The Sensi has planned his fathers death for years. He needed very little incentive to turn against his father, since Ras' had kept the Lazarus Pit from him, as a gesture of discipline and training. That in the end, produced the deadly assassin, killer. The final spark to Sensi's flint, was Ras' outrageous decision to favor Batman, over him, to one day inherit his place in the Underworld. That singular decision set the wheels in motion for the murderous deaths of Talia, Batman, and finally, bloody and broken, in body, mind and spirit, the Head of the Demon, Ras'Al Ghul.

Now Ras' must plan to save his own life. He, the victim, would not be safe from the full force of Sensi and the League of Assassins.

In fact, no man on earth, could stand against, and survive such an relentless force.

No human on earth, save one single warrior, The Batman. But Ras' knew The Batman had sworn not to kill, and that is what it would take. Batman's nearly insane decision not to kill has kept him from the brink of insanity, for years of crime fighting, but, reasoned Ras', this dedication would not save The Batman from the deadliest killer on earth. The only way Ras' could save his own miserable life, was to cause The Caped Crusader to learn the art of killing. And so, his black plan began. To teach the greatest crime fighter on earth, to take the next step, and take a life. To kill, in defense of justice. A dirty and even filthy justice perhaps, but a justice, that would save many lives from the red tide of death brought to civilized men, once the King of Assassins has killed the King of the Underworld.

If not for that terrible consequence, Batman would leave these dogs to kill their own kind, for the leadership of that place closest to Hell, the Underworld.

Batman squirmed within each trap, and short of chewing his own leg off, he kept himself from killing. But the game had gone too far. And before the last tallow was spent, Bruce Wayne, Batman, would journey into the unreal, Underworld.

Batman's Odyssey begins here, and there is really no reason to believe that he will survive. Don't miss this.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Taco Bell. I recorded a rough track for the next Taco Bell. Those things are so corny/funny, that I nailed some of the voices.
This one features a character in the Regular Taco Bell ads, a Lounge Singer named Buddy Mignon. Talk about tuneless crooning.
Is anyone keeping up with the National Hockey League's Stan Lee's (And Mine, shrug) Super Heroes. One for Each team. I've seen a lot of Motion Capture animation in the last 2 months. Track it, I'm just sayin'.

BLOOD. Just sayin'.

My creation, Havoc's in the next X-MEN movie. Wonder how big the part is?

The DC comics game,.. is about to eat the world. Why do the Adam's family like it, so far?
You get to create your own character. Could take as much as an hour to do it. Do the DC Heroes show up? Who cares. You're the Hero,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Almost accidentally saw True Grit. I figured the John Wayne one was GREAT, and Enough, you know?
It was great. But so was the old one. Heh. The Coen Bros added a few things. Didn't need it. The Girl? Halilee Steinfeld. Just as good as Kim Darby. So,..SEE IT. 4 stars.

Did you see the video presentation Jason did with my books? Flipped through them on camera. Sort of like people flipping through them at conventions,... but it's Jason's hands. Clever.

Batman Odyssey? Can you say Paul Neary and Michael Golden inking parts of the same book? AAaad Pages by Bill Seinkeiwicz Each to their strength's. It only get's better.