Friday, January 21, 2011

Taco Bell. I recorded a rough track for the next Taco Bell. Those things are so corny/funny, that I nailed some of the voices.
This one features a character in the Regular Taco Bell ads, a Lounge Singer named Buddy Mignon. Talk about tuneless crooning.
Is anyone keeping up with the National Hockey League's Stan Lee's (And Mine, shrug) Super Heroes. One for Each team. I've seen a lot of Motion Capture animation in the last 2 months. Track it, I'm just sayin'.

BLOOD. Just sayin'.

My creation, Havoc's in the next X-MEN movie. Wonder how big the part is?

The DC comics game,.. is about to eat the world. Why do the Adam's family like it, so far?
You get to create your own character. Could take as much as an hour to do it. Do the DC Heroes show up? Who cares. You're the Hero,


  1. Dear Neal Adams
    I know you've been drawing the NHL Guardians. Great stuff. Think the Guardians will go any where?

  2. Did you seethe first of them on the All-Star Game on Sunday.