Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I win.
For the 2.5 people who are following the science stuff,..Geologists have discovered rock who's chemical signature is the same for the West Coast of the United States and Australia & Antarctica.
Meaning that they were once JOINED,....Just like my animations show.
Geologists around the world are waking to a new world. Every thin they know is about to change.
they'll try to escape from it, but they won't be able to. They've put their index fingers into either end of Chinese Finger Cuffs, and they never be able to get out. Some will chew their hands off to get away, but for most, it's too late. Each new discovery will lead inexorably to finding the rifting
between these continents happened between 140 and 100 MYA.
Once this is verified, the Pangea Theory will go into the dumpster. And Science will begin to consider the Growing Earth-Growing Universe Theory,...and when that happens,......heh, the fir is Gonna fly.

Anyway, Baltimore Comic Con,....YOU COMIN'? 9 Days away. Get the Lead out.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Long time. What's coming up?

The Baltimore Comic-Con. We're going this year. If you want to see my son Josh and myself, that's where we'll be August 20th. & 21st., signing and doing sketches.

Doing sketches?

Yup. Now, I get asked all the time, will I be doing sketches. I will be doing sketches, and I can outlast anyone who needs to have a sketch. Even if I have to take it with me, and finish it at home. I won't disappoint anyone.

Two years ago, we came to the Baltimore Comic-Con, because we were told how friendly and comic book oriented the con was.

Well it was that and more. It's like going on a vacation to a really nice place. I can't honestly believe anybody near Baltimore would miss this convention.

Hey, tell other folks, and get on down the the Baltimore Con.

I can't tell you everything I'm doing now, but I'll have as much stuff as I can have there to show you, without getting anyone upset.

And hey, come by the table two or three times. The conversation's fun.