Friday, August 5, 2011

Long time. What's coming up?

The Baltimore Comic-Con. We're going this year. If you want to see my son Josh and myself, that's where we'll be August 20th. & 21st., signing and doing sketches.

Doing sketches?

Yup. Now, I get asked all the time, will I be doing sketches. I will be doing sketches, and I can outlast anyone who needs to have a sketch. Even if I have to take it with me, and finish it at home. I won't disappoint anyone.

Two years ago, we came to the Baltimore Comic-Con, because we were told how friendly and comic book oriented the con was.

Well it was that and more. It's like going on a vacation to a really nice place. I can't honestly believe anybody near Baltimore would miss this convention.

Hey, tell other folks, and get on down the the Baltimore Con.

I can't tell you everything I'm doing now, but I'll have as much stuff as I can have there to show you, without getting anyone upset.

And hey, come by the table two or three times. The conversation's fun.

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