Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I win.
For the 2.5 people who are following the science stuff,..Geologists have discovered rock who's chemical signature is the same for the West Coast of the United States and Australia & Antarctica.
Meaning that they were once JOINED,....Just like my animations show.
Geologists around the world are waking to a new world. Every thin they know is about to change.
they'll try to escape from it, but they won't be able to. They've put their index fingers into either end of Chinese Finger Cuffs, and they never be able to get out. Some will chew their hands off to get away, but for most, it's too late. Each new discovery will lead inexorably to finding the rifting
between these continents happened between 140 and 100 MYA.
Once this is verified, the Pangea Theory will go into the dumpster. And Science will begin to consider the Growing Earth-Growing Universe Theory,...and when that happens,......heh, the fir is Gonna fly.

Anyway, Baltimore Comic Con,....YOU COMIN'? 9 Days away. Get the Lead out.



  1. Glad you feel some vindication no matter how small! Your Growing Earth Growing Universe theory seem to perfict sense!!Your visuals and animation are very clear!! I can tell you are excited you almost never make typos!!!! Although I have to agree with the gentalmen . I am sure these guys will come up with some theory that will try to explain it away.

  2. Michael I agree 100%. The truth always has a way of coming out.As they say knowledge is power.If we all took a moment to pay attention to what is being said, we would know they are all talking in circles.Neal has had the gumption to stand up for what he believes to be true.And has not been intiminated by the so called experts.As you say things are changing.Let's hope for the better!!

  3. Sir, I don't want you to die of a heart attack like Copernicus or Galileo, because I know(believe) this to be true, like I know the Earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around. You don't have to argue with the skeptics. I looked into this 13 years ago and found nothing about it. It is such a novel idea and people are making web sites all about it now. The whole truth is that the planets are slowly accelerating towards the sun. Any real fan of Newton would know that gravity doesn't keep things circling forever. Mars is expanding to grow into an Earth like planet and the Earth will dry up to become like Venus. How long? A long, long time. The truth is Mars could have a lot of water inside the planet, and the Earth doesn't have to gain mass to grow larger. It just expands as it is heated. That seemed to be the biggest argument on youtube. I'm going to see if I can get some big players to check this out(National Geographic and the likes). Back in the day I wrote university professors around the world to tell them about this and got very little reply, so with almost a million views on youtube you got it. If I get anywhere, I'll let you know. I live in Washington so no Comic-con for me yet. In the meantime I will continue to defend you on youtube, since I just found it yesterday after all these years. Only God can bring this to the masses to be accepted as true. Peace.

  4. Hi Neal, do you have a link to a relevant news article at all? I found this but I'm not sure if it's related.

  5. Neal do actually have a science or engineering degree or do you just make this shit up to try and sound smarter than you are?

  6. Awesome news. I'm digging around for some reference to this too.

  7. David,
    I "make this shit up and try to sound smarter than I am". Actually, I am pretty smart, and I have studied all of this question for over 35 years. It's an assignment I gave to myself, based on the work of Geology Professor Emeritus Samuel Warren Carey, who initiated the "Expanding Earth Theory", which boded to take over all of geology theory in the late 1960's.

    Two problems. Sam was a geologist, and couldn't provide the mechanism for this supposed growth. And secondly, a subductive oceanic plate was found in the Western Pacific, which gave doubt to Carey's Theory, and suggested, like a snake, the earth ate it's own skin. While this subduction may happen in the Western Pacific, I took the view that the earth couldn't possibly dispose of all of it's oceanic plate in such a short time, and so completely that one little area of plate, over 180MYO, didn't exist. Nor did this subduction theory explain how it is that the continents fit together perfectly on a smaller globe. So I started my portion of this investigation as an artist who recognized how perfectly all the continents on earth fit together.

    As a science geek in school, I then plunged into geology and all the sciences. I realized that if a giant like Carey, couldn't solve the problem, it wasn't that he wasn't smart enough, it had to be that his area of investigation was too limited. And so I studied all the sciences, to hone in on the mechanism that allowed the earth, not to 'expand', but to grow. After I solved the problems, I made animation to show the growth. You can find them at my sight and at Youtube.

    If you're a comic book person, I doubt you'll be interested. Call it a 'hobby', A very SERIOUS hobby. One of these days there will be a book. A graphic novel. Too geeky for you. So I reckon we'll sell about 10 copies. It's called "A conversation between 2 guys in a bar,...OR,...A new model of the universe!"

    1. Neal,

      Your animations of the growing planets are awesome. Why are there no links to this on your website?

      One of major obstacle to the growing earth theory is the ability to explain how the earth gains the additional matter. The explanation that it was ultra-dense leftover "star matter" that the planet condensed around does not explain gravity-challenged sauropods could live on a smaller planet with the same mass (hence higher surface gravity).

      The accretion of gravitons is a possible mechanism. The electric universe argument is that the galaxy spirals are created by vast Birkeland currents and the sun is electrically powered instead of fusion driven. Why can't the earth be electrically powered by the solar wind (read moving charged particles) from the sun. Telluric currents are induced in both the earth and the sea. Cold fusion has seen electrical currents inducing transmutation of elements (read smaller atoms growing into bigger atoms). Why not inside the earth's core/mantel?

      One of the difficulties in moving the science forward is being able to do the numbers to account for the increased mass (E=m*c*c). I have not found where or even if you have published the numbers used to generate your wonderful growing earth videos. Please make available the radius of the earth versus time so those of us who are so inclined can calculate the required mass creation versus time.

  8. Neal, I was always a huge fan of your work, and it surprises me I hadn't seen this sooner. I do wonder how anyone can look at these and NOT see it. Immediately I went searching for a topographical map of Venus and WHAM! No animation necessary once you realize what you are seeing. The lower gravity gives so much more credence to Pterodactyls as well! Love to see a Venus vid sometime! Thanks for your insights and your artwork.

  9. Link please! At least to where we can start reading about the theory and news.


  10. For those interested in a LITTLE more background, a quick look on Wikipedia you'll find an entrance on the SWEAT theory that exists WITHIN plate tectonics that has been around for decades.
    It in no way would destroy current theories or give great credence to Neal's. The Wiki article shows the rock Neal is talking about was found in 2008, so he's late to the game in noticing it.