Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miami here we come!

Just a couple of days, Miami, and half my brood will be there with me. I expect to see everybody I met in Miami the last time I was there, and your children, and even your grandchildren. People running the convention say there will be 10,000 people there. Well if you want to have the greatest time of your life this weekend, come on down and say hello. And I'll bet there will be 20,000 people there.

My son Jason, has convinced me to bring down 4 or 5 expensive pieces for you folks who want to put up a Captain America, a Superman, or Batman, on your living room wall. For those of you on a tighter budget, we've got other more reasonably priced pieces, all the way down to sketches. About a year ago, Marilyn began to have me do quick sketches right on the cover of books and prints, for $50. extra. And if your budget is even tighter, we've got dozens of $20. prints. And for you real fans, on a very tight budget, $5. signatures on anything you like. If you have a young kid, under 10, I suppose I shouldn't be saying this, but he or she will get a free sketch. Don't tell everybody you know, but yeah, we love kids.

See you in Miami.


Monday, June 25, 2012

FloridaSuperCon and More.

If you're going to be in Florida on June 29- through July 2, you're going to the FloridaSuperCon. Right? Well so am I, and Marilyn, Josh, Bridget, Saori and Jane.

The HeroesCon, in Charlotte, (a crazy, wonderful convention), just auctioned a color piece of mine, of a very classy nature. I will have more in Miami. Whoop-de-do.

Are we going to see you at the Florida Super Con? I've never been to that convention, so I hope to get to see you. I hear it's a terrific convention.

I will be promoting the "First X-Men" series, that I am doing for Marvel, (and of course, the "Batman Odyssey" Collection). As I write this, I am inking the cover for the collection). Josh will be moderating a Dr Who panel, with one of the convention's guests, Alex Kingston.

Yes, I just did a cover for Valiant.
Yes, we are doing the talking posters for Valiant,
and yes I am doing the long last 16-page chapter of the first "Blood" graphic novel, that will soon appear in "Dark Horse Presents".
And something else, but I forgot.

See you in Miami, you crazy guys!

Monday, June 18, 2012


HeroesCon is going to be great. Everybody and their brother is going to be there, and as we announced, I too will be there. The beautiful Marilyn, my wife will be there, the bubbly Kris, my daughter, will be there, saying hello to you fans of Kris' world. I will be doing sketches, and you can haggle over prices. You can get any one of a number of beautifully reproduced prints, for the same price as you can buy one of my many sketchbooks for.

In Denver, we ran out of the soft cover "Art of Neal Adams", (even though we were only selling them with a silver pen superhero sketch in the upper left hand corner). We have 2 boxes allocated for HeroesCon. That's only 20 copies. Again with silver pen sketches in the corner. I think we goofed. We thought we had more, and we sent a larger batch on to San Diego. And so, oops, only 20 copies.

We're trying to get permission from Marvel to offer a print from "The First X-Men", but it may not be in the cards. You probably know, that my co-writer Christos Gage, has the table right next to me. Getting his autograph would be a great idea. Whether on a print or not, because this young man is going places. Of course, that's only my opinion.

Another nifty thing we'll have at the booth is my drawing of Stan Lee in a Spider Man pose. Stan will have the same print at his booth. For those of you who may know Stan, an action pose is exactly the way the rest of us think of Stan, especially when he is describing an action scene to a penciler.

Do not miss this show.

My signatures will be $5. a piece, no matter how many comic books you bring. And there is no upper limit to the number of books you can get signed. I promise you that I'll be at my table until end of each day, and I will not miss you, or fail to sign you books, or prints, or whatever.

You may have to wait for me to finish a sketch, but that's half the fun of it.

Finally, remember this. If somebody asks what you're doing this weekend, you're going to a Comic Con.

Best Regards,

Neal Adams

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greetings Denver

Greetings Denver. I'm sure we'll have a great weekend. I'll be bringing a few pages from the First X-Men and Batman Odyssey with me, I have a wide range of prints of stuff I have done in the past, and conversation. For those of you who know something about me, have questions, and I'll try to have answers. I'm not in Denver just to smile and nod. I'm there to have a good time. Tell your friends. Most weekends you go to a movie or a picnic, but this weekend, we're going to have a comic convention in Denver, and we're all going to have a great time.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Back from Philly!

 Back home. getting ready for the next con, and cranking out pages for "FIRST X-MEN"!

How was Philly? You may ask.
Chris Hemsworth was there, taking in signing fees that put  the legendary  Stan Lee to shame.
Stan , who was there the whole 4 days, signed up a storm.  What an incredible trooper.
The big winners? And the biggest treat? The 4 Captains of Star Trek. William Shatner,  Patrick Stewart,  Kate Mulgrew and  the captain of Deep space nine, Avery Brooks.  And dozens of other well-known actors, What a LINEUP.

So when the folks got over to the comics section, they were exhausted and broke.  Thank goodness for the ATM's . Was the convention BIG? let me tell you about the converted train station that acted as a GRAND ENTRANCE to the con. BLOW AWAY!!! MASSIVE!!! Incredibly designed. WOTTA PLACE.  The con building? Not as good as the entrance, but massive, and well lit.
Everyone treated myself and my family like royalty. 
Josh, the comic book son glowed. His work is getting better and better and people see it in the results.
Jason "SPYDA" Adams couldn't come, but he WILL be in Charlotte, with his new sculpts and models and books on anatomy. He still has the matching Batman and ManBat from the Black and White series.  (Only a few, so check them out at the store and see them at his booth.

Most asked for sketch from me? You gotta be kidding.
   If you live in or near Philly, and didn't come to the con,..YO, what's wit dat?

People asked about FIRST X-MEN, and I talked about as much as won't spoil the series.
I'm finishing up 4 of 5.   HEY,..News flash, at Charlotte, my table will be right next to Christos Gage, my  best-of-marvel co-writter on the series. Come  on down and say hello to both of us.

Signing off
 oops  P.S.    D.C is packaging the 13 part Batman Odyssey, in book form. Order from your dealer.
It's what I promised on the  very first day. An Epic Novel, not a series of comic book stories.
I'm having so much fun. The competition is so stiff and boy when fans "get it', they really "GET IT!