Monday, June 18, 2012


HeroesCon is going to be great. Everybody and their brother is going to be there, and as we announced, I too will be there. The beautiful Marilyn, my wife will be there, the bubbly Kris, my daughter, will be there, saying hello to you fans of Kris' world. I will be doing sketches, and you can haggle over prices. You can get any one of a number of beautifully reproduced prints, for the same price as you can buy one of my many sketchbooks for.

In Denver, we ran out of the soft cover "Art of Neal Adams", (even though we were only selling them with a silver pen superhero sketch in the upper left hand corner). We have 2 boxes allocated for HeroesCon. That's only 20 copies. Again with silver pen sketches in the corner. I think we goofed. We thought we had more, and we sent a larger batch on to San Diego. And so, oops, only 20 copies.

We're trying to get permission from Marvel to offer a print from "The First X-Men", but it may not be in the cards. You probably know, that my co-writer Christos Gage, has the table right next to me. Getting his autograph would be a great idea. Whether on a print or not, because this young man is going places. Of course, that's only my opinion.

Another nifty thing we'll have at the booth is my drawing of Stan Lee in a Spider Man pose. Stan will have the same print at his booth. For those of you who may know Stan, an action pose is exactly the way the rest of us think of Stan, especially when he is describing an action scene to a penciler.

Do not miss this show.

My signatures will be $5. a piece, no matter how many comic books you bring. And there is no upper limit to the number of books you can get signed. I promise you that I'll be at my table until end of each day, and I will not miss you, or fail to sign you books, or prints, or whatever.

You may have to wait for me to finish a sketch, but that's half the fun of it.

Finally, remember this. If somebody asks what you're doing this weekend, you're going to a Comic Con.

Best Regards,

Neal Adams

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  1. Hello, I hope you bring that enthusiasm back to Montreal this year, I usually drop by to say hi in NY, not sure I'll make it this year....

    be well