Monday, June 25, 2012

FloridaSuperCon and More.

If you're going to be in Florida on June 29- through July 2, you're going to the FloridaSuperCon. Right? Well so am I, and Marilyn, Josh, Bridget, Saori and Jane.

The HeroesCon, in Charlotte, (a crazy, wonderful convention), just auctioned a color piece of mine, of a very classy nature. I will have more in Miami. Whoop-de-do.

Are we going to see you at the Florida Super Con? I've never been to that convention, so I hope to get to see you. I hear it's a terrific convention.

I will be promoting the "First X-Men" series, that I am doing for Marvel, (and of course, the "Batman Odyssey" Collection). As I write this, I am inking the cover for the collection). Josh will be moderating a Dr Who panel, with one of the convention's guests, Alex Kingston.

Yes, I just did a cover for Valiant.
Yes, we are doing the talking posters for Valiant,
and yes I am doing the long last 16-page chapter of the first "Blood" graphic novel, that will soon appear in "Dark Horse Presents".
And something else, but I forgot.

See you in Miami, you crazy guys!

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