Monday, June 4, 2012

Back from Philly!

 Back home. getting ready for the next con, and cranking out pages for "FIRST X-MEN"!

How was Philly? You may ask.
Chris Hemsworth was there, taking in signing fees that put  the legendary  Stan Lee to shame.
Stan , who was there the whole 4 days, signed up a storm.  What an incredible trooper.
The big winners? And the biggest treat? The 4 Captains of Star Trek. William Shatner,  Patrick Stewart,  Kate Mulgrew and  the captain of Deep space nine, Avery Brooks.  And dozens of other well-known actors, What a LINEUP.

So when the folks got over to the comics section, they were exhausted and broke.  Thank goodness for the ATM's . Was the convention BIG? let me tell you about the converted train station that acted as a GRAND ENTRANCE to the con. BLOW AWAY!!! MASSIVE!!! Incredibly designed. WOTTA PLACE.  The con building? Not as good as the entrance, but massive, and well lit.
Everyone treated myself and my family like royalty. 
Josh, the comic book son glowed. His work is getting better and better and people see it in the results.
Jason "SPYDA" Adams couldn't come, but he WILL be in Charlotte, with his new sculpts and models and books on anatomy. He still has the matching Batman and ManBat from the Black and White series.  (Only a few, so check them out at the store and see them at his booth.

Most asked for sketch from me? You gotta be kidding.
   If you live in or near Philly, and didn't come to the con,..YO, what's wit dat?

People asked about FIRST X-MEN, and I talked about as much as won't spoil the series.
I'm finishing up 4 of 5.   HEY,..News flash, at Charlotte, my table will be right next to Christos Gage, my  best-of-marvel co-writter on the series. Come  on down and say hello to both of us.

Signing off
 oops  P.S.    D.C is packaging the 13 part Batman Odyssey, in book form. Order from your dealer.
It's what I promised on the  very first day. An Epic Novel, not a series of comic book stories.
I'm having so much fun. The competition is so stiff and boy when fans "get it', they really "GET IT!


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