Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dragon Con

Flush from a massively terrific Toronto con, where a dozen of you guys did pre-orders, and we were easily able to hand them out as you came by the table, we now look forward to Dragon Con in Atlanta. Kris, Pete and Jason are putting up some of the commissions here. There are some real surprises, and interesting characters that I haven't drawn in a long time. I know the Dragon Con site is confusing. We will be there. I will be doing commissions, as promised. And we will take pre-orders today and tomorrow. Jason will be there with new work, and let me say, really exciting work. He will be in Artist's Alley, and, as usual, our regular booth will be impossible to find, unless you look in the program. It's been two years, I'll be glad to see everyone, and, as you know, as well as I, we will all have a great time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Helloooooo, Toronto!

Last chance to get your advanced commission in. We're getting on the plane on Thursday, and any commissions after that will have to wait until we get to Toronto. If you want to get one in now, you have a one day window. If you want to wait until Toronto, hey, it'll be great to see you. Josh is going to be there with Saori and Janey. Marilyn, of course, is our mistress of ceremonies. And we're all going to have a great time with you there. See you in Toronto.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wizard World Chicago

What a delight for fans at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, and YOURS TRULY. Eight people pre-ordered their sketches and when they came to the table, Marilyn went to the stack and pulled out the commissioned drawing. I did a few final touch ups (if it called for it), and signed and dedicated the drawing... and most of all, people were very satisfied. So you folks who want to pre-order... the system works great! (Thanks to Jason and Marilyn.)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chicago, here we come!

Tomorrow night. Chicago. If you miss pre-ordering your drawing, come on to the convention center on Thursday, when things will be a little quiet. My favorite character to from the new First X-Men is "Bomb"(short for Bombastic Aghast). See you there.

Monday, August 6, 2012


HEY, Chicago, HERE WE COME. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Are you going to be there? have you pre-ordered your drawing? A-HA, forgot about that, didn't 'cha. I just did 3 convention drawings Earlier in the day. Iron Man-Old school, Deadman, dead school, and a Batman from Odyssey . (Get the full Novel, remember.) Out soon. I'm Working on "First X-men". Last Issue. Jamming lots of "reveal" in this issue. So, do we want to see more of these guys and others? Who will survive? You could actually cry. Uh-oh, it's the Marvel Say-No-More button flashing. Signing off. Don't forget your favorite Charity. Mine's St Jude. Kids. Gotta save 'em. Best Regards Neal Adams

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last minute announcement. This Saturday, one day only, we're going to Allentown PA for a small convention at the Merchant's Square Mall. Mike Carbonaro, convinced me that folks will come out of the woodwork to come out and say hello. If you want to prove him right, call anybody you know near Allentown, and tell them to come on down on Saturday. We'll have sketchbooks prints and books, and the best conversation this side of the Pecos. You only have a day or two to pre-order sketches. You only have a day or so to pre-order sketches. spyda@spydacreations.com
Toronto Fan Expo In answer to the questions, why won't we be in Toronto for the Toronto Fan Expo...We will be in Toronto for the Toronto Fan Expo, along with everybody in the Eastern Hemisphere, apparently. Only 3 weeks away, so if you want to pre-order sketches to be handed to you when we get there, get in touch with spyda@spydacreations.com, though I suspect you can get a sketch from pretty much anybody at the convention. The only thing that's hard, of course, is doing those complicated, full figured, and fancy pieces.