Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm drawing Dinosaurs,.. evolved dinosaurs, a New Bat Man, all the assassins in the WORLD, Ras', Talia and her very sexy new gal pal, FLYING BATS, gnomes, Evolved Dinosaurs. Every damn criminal in Arkham, including a new one named Trigger (not the horse.) and Deadman.

I just got inked pages in from Paul Neary, and Bill Sienkiewicz . Yes Bill Sienkiewicz. And YES, Paul Neary. And there will be more.

Wow, one get's whipped up watching Spartacus.

Hey, Let's hope our fellow Americans in the rest of the Country endure this insanely brutal weather.


  1. Just finished Odyssey#6.Great as always.You are really keeping us wondering where you will take Batman next.I for one can't waite!! Just keep it coming!!!!!!

  2. Big snowstorm in my area yesterday, so reading ODYSSEY #6 was a nice diversion.

    Paul Neary is a good choice for inking. I'm looking forward to seeing his pages.

  3. Your art is as mindblowing as always. I'm a swede, but we had some record cold dark months up here, so this is a light in the dark.

  4. 1 - BBC Sherlock Holmes was fresh but familiar, great stuff

    2 - Batman Odyssey, as much yours I suspect as his, seems that you've been thinking about this stuff for quite a while, am I wrong?

    btw, the advice you've given me over the last couple of years at the NYCC has paid off, I got my first paid comic book job just recently, a big debt of gratitude to you Mr. Adams.