Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Las Vegas, here we come!

I believe the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will be the most successful Vegas comic con ever. And we are going to do everything that we can to make it so. If you're just traveling to Vegas, or you live there, please come and see us. Please get your sketch or have me do a commission for you, while we're there. And you can bet you'll have a great time. Heck, isn't that what Las Vegas is all about? Having a good time? Well, this weekend, the circus has come to town, and we will be there to say hello, and to make your weekend a really fun time.

Check it out here: http://amazinglasvegascomiccon.com/


  1. I will be attending the convention all weekend long and I plan on stopping by your booth while I am there. Unfortunately, I will not be able to bring with me any of the books I had originally hoped for you to sign. In lieu of this, I was wondering what to anticipate in terms of prices on commissions, head-sketches and things of that sort?

    Looking forward to meeting you there!

  2. I will be attending. Thank you for sharing..

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