Saturday, December 29, 2012

Loan modification warning!!!

There is an insane fraud going on in this country. Home owners are making a massive mistake going to thier own bank to get a loan modification. This waves a red flag to the bank that they could lose you and your interest payments if they modify your loan. So they stall you for as long as they can to try to get you to miss a payment, there are many ways to do this. Then they forclose and take your home, and then you are in hell.

If you had gone to a third party to get a new modified loan, you could have paid off the bank and they would be gone. The new agency would pay the bank and happily collect the lower interest. To your original bank, you are merely a widget, and all they have to do is replace one widget with another  widget. You could be in trouble if you try to modify through your own bank.. Trouble, trouble, trouble.. Warn you friends...

 I am not giving anyone legal advice in any way. I am just repeating what I have read in the news.

Best to everyone

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