Monday, December 10, 2012


I know we have never done it before, and it is a lot of work for Jason, but we are having a 25% holiday sale on the artwork in our store.
Not just the books and prints but a full-out sale of artwork. I know some people have been saving up and waiting for the right opportunity, well I think this is the right opportunity. Jason had to go through the whole site and do the mark downs and after NewYear's he will have to mark them all back up. I have heard from fans about "When are we going to have a sale?" This is it. It won't come around again till next year.
Very best Holiday wishes to everyone in the World. The economy seems to be doing a little better. Obama is in the White House. Continuity is thriving. And I have met thousands of fans at all the Conventions I have gone to this year and those conventions are getting bigger and BIGGER and this is going to be a big year.  I hope everyone of you out there has a Wonderful Holiday Season.

Best Neal :)

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