Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kansas City here we come!

Okay, last pre-order, Batman done, for the Planet Comicon Convention in Kansas City.

If you want a commission, you'll have to wait until I get there, Buckeroos. You can still buy drawing and other stuff here on the site, and Jason will get it to you. But commissions will have to wait until Saturday, unless you can sneak-in during set-up.

In fact at Wondercon, some dealers came over during set-up and made, guess what, deals. Of course, dealers don't get to travel the convention floor very easily once the convention has started. And just outside of Wondercon, and up the block, was Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, along with Knott's Berry Farm.

Is barbeque really great in Kansas City? That's what I hear. See you there!

Can't find us?

Well we're going to ust under that big old sign. You can't miss it!

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