Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stuff I can't talk about, AGAIN.

Interesting pre-convention sketches sit on my desk, just under my sketch for a very special cover that I can talk about soon.I have also just inked the cover for the last chapter of the first half of the "Blood" saga.

Blood has confronted the first of his true enemies, and his response is very nasty indeed. Is Blood a good guy or a bad guy? Well I can tell you two things about it. First he's dead, and second, as a result he's gotten even nastier than ever before.

I wish I could tell you more about exactly what I'm doing. I'm working on a short story for DC Comics, and I've been forbidden to talk about it, and I'm very anxious to talk about it. Oh well, it'll be soon enough.

How 'bout this. One of the pre-convention sketches requested by a very adventurous fan, has the predator, battling an otherwise famous "Jungle Man". Okay I'm being too obvious.

Is this enough for today?


  1. I love your Tarzan, just finished the first 8 books, most of the covers are yours!

    Can't wait to see it!


  2. How I wish that this DC project was a return to your masterpiece with Denny O'Neil: Green Lantern/Green Arrow ...

    While I doubt very much that it is, may I beg you to consider working with Mr O'Neil again to contribute a further chapter or more to this incredible work that brought so much humanity into the comics with O'Neil's heartfelt scripts and your beautiful rendering of human emotion and expression in this gritty, pain streaked world ...

    Whatever you choose, your comics work has been a life- long source of joy for me. And it about time I thanked you for it.