Tuesday, December 21, 2010


BLOOD is coming.

There will be an 8 page preview. Well, hmmm, preview..? It's pretty nasty and in sequence for a Preview. We'll call it a teaser. Blood is a nasty guy. He's a cop, sure, but a very nasty piece of work. He will kill you. And he's not going to last. Likely he'll be dead before the titles. Too bad. They say he was a good cop.

Where will he show up.

Keep those antennae vibrating.

Since we're here talkin', Bill Sienkiewicz has been turning in inked pages... so, I sent him more. Imagine being me and watching my/your work take on a different flavor while still being 'your ' work.

Bill will be melding with me into the second half of the "Odyssey". Then... I don't know... other inkers... will be... um...

I have 5 penciled books ready to go. A few pages here and there? A whole book? A segment?

The story? Denser, and Batman will be going through... not hell... but very close to it. And I promise you, he will come out a changed man.

Geeks, out there? Hydrogen Power? Did you think H-Power cars would be MORE EXPENSIVE? Do you care?

Let's say you do. Not more expensive! Acquiring Hydrogen takes POWER. I know a company that puts scrap metal into a shallow pool. When iron oxidizes, (rusts), it throws off hydrogen Atoms. They siphon off the Hydrogen. Heh. How do you spell American Ingenuity?

What else is new? Later. Lots.


  1. More interesting stuff from the "other" Neal Adams (the science buff). But hold on a minute. Didn't BMW and others already do hydrogen powered prototype vehicles? And aren't they quite expensive to build and maintain? It'd be great if someone could find a VIABLE alternative to fossil fuels, but most people who've tried have either been bribed into submission by Big Oil, or ended up wearing concrete galoshes at the bottom of a river, courtesy of the same Corporate Interests.

    Inkers on ODYSSEY? Kris's World has had lots of good suggestions from me and others, including Austin, Palmer, Wrightson, Kubert, Romita and more. There's a lot of talent out there, both old and new. They'd all make fine contributions and add a little variety to the work. And you know what they say about variety...

  2. Let's do the Math on BMW and others.
    Hydrogen...Competitive prices of seperation. Very low prices. Ask at acetylene torch gas suppliers.
    Internal combustion engine. GONE!
    Motor 1/5 the cost.
    Double layered tank w Hidride. $250. Refillable.
    Carbon plate Stax $300. to $500.
    REPAIRS. To motor only. The system has NO MOVING PARTS.
    Extra batteries for storage. $600.
    Everything else is the same.
    Same car,.. should cost $5,000-$6,000 less.

    Why should they tell you, or me the TRUTH? If a car should cost LESS, and be Safer, have H2O emissions, and halt 20% to 25% of Cancers and lung ailments and lower the effect on the rest of ailments and help cure the planet's ills, why should THAT MATTER to them? Jeez.

  3. I take it you're asking that question facetiously, Neal. Hydrogen-powered cars may well be a great idea (for the reasons you've just laid out), but if they are, you can be darn sure the big oil companies will do everything in their considerable power to make sure they never see the light of day. There's no way they're going to allow anything like that to take hold without putting up one HELL of a battle, 'cause it would take an ENORMOUS bite out of their profits. And when Big Oil gets pissed, look out! You'd need a whole TEAM of superheroes to fight them!

  4. There are other things to consider. If oil starts to run out, the military is in trouble, because the whole thing runs on oil. Better then, to sacrifice the civilian useage of oil for the countrys safety. Hydrogen cars means oil saved for the military defenses. Not a bad idea. Together with common sense, reason, enviromentalists, maybe the sum of all the arguments can win out in the end.

  5. More..And I agree with Mikael,.. Consumption and uses for OIL is on the increase. For Plastics,. car bodies, Home structures, etc. The very worst use of this seemingly endless fuel source is combusting it in our cars. and feeding it into the air.
    There ARE safe and ecologically sound uses for OIL.
    The car companies are using their last cards. "It's expensive" and they are buying off the producers of H Power and retiring them to Florida with millions of dollars in their accounts.
    Next,.. the gradual reapplication for the uses for oil. It's a process. But don't be blinded by the bulls**t along the way.

  6. Hydrogen is a great option, but it has some problems.
    1) Storage Solutions. Hydrogen Embrittlement. Hydrogen fatigues the container on whatever is used to store it.
    2) The only efficient catalysts are rare earth metals like Platinum which are in short supply within the crust of the earth. A huge switch to hydrogen will spike the cost of these metals. Science is feverishly looking for low cost alternatives.