Friday, December 24, 2010

Penciling Batman 12

Penciling Batman# 12 As usual, things are NOT what they seem. I don't know how he does it but Batman somehow keeps ahead of everyone, physically and mentally. I keep throwing stuff at him and he leaps ahead. When he acts like he's buying some cock and bull story from Talia, Ra's, Sensi,..BAM, he's got it knocked and we just shake our heads and watch him blast forward.
I even think he's running a scam on that interviewer, (The one with the Band-aid.) Oh, you haven't seen him yet? Sorry.
Who IS that guy?
Next cover is due. I'm trying to decide if we're/I'm going to show Batman's mount .

Yep, I gonna dood it.


  1. I'm looking forward to issue #6, Neal, even though you seem to be getting a little bit behind on your deadline. Not sure what the reason for the lateness is, though, if you're already pencilling #12. Maybe it's delays in the inking? If so, you might consider recruiting some of those guest inkers that people have been suggesting, to help you out.

    And speaking of covers, if ODYSSEY is collected into a trade paperback when it's finished, I'd love to see a fully PAINTED cover done in your old, 1970s painting technique. I really enjoyed your Marvel magazine covers, Tarzan paperback covers, etc. So if the collected edition of ODYSSEY had a nice Batman cover painted in the same style, it would probably entice me to buy it--which I wouldn't ordinarily do if I'd already picked up the individual comics.

  2. Neal I know who the interviewer is.No I am not psycic.You let it slip"or not" in a interview you did.I won't tell.I don't want to spoil it for those who might not have heard it. All I will say is I would never have guessed it was this person.Although I think you made brilliant choice.

  3. I thought the Michael golden inks looked simply splendid. Wrightson would make a very interesting inker.

  4. Batman's mount,what could it be .A seahorse,stingray or prehaps a great white?HMM!

  5. Batman's MOUNT. Gotta say, even I love the cover. Jucy.

    Fell behind cause of the Holidays and It was the last of the first six. We'd planned a space in there. It came a month early.
    Books are rolling forward, We're IN the underworld.
    I'm penciling the last issue, and Batman has been through his own personal hell. NOW, he faces his greatest test.
    What's going on in the regular Batman comics.

    The DC"GAME" looks great. The whole family's got it. I just was Christmas, right.