Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guardian Project & Batman

Okay, you're right. But... I've been busy.
"Doing what?" you say.
heh heh.
Thirty covers of thirty new characters which represent all thirty teams of the National Hockey League. Is that cool or what?
can I show them to you? Ummmm.. Darn it, no. I'm sorry. As soon as I can, I will show you.
There's also a poster for the same project that I did that has all thirty characters on it a once. It was printed with the characters in shadow for a pre-publicity poster and given away at the NY Comic Con. Here it is.... with the shadow.

I've been working with Bill Sienkiewicz on the inking of book 6. Pretty interesting experience. What a talented guy.
Batman has been battered for 5 issues and has seemed to be in control. But, as we are finding out, "Control" is a matter of perspective, and opinion. Now, in issue #6, things go from surface difficult to very dense... and dark.
If you haven't read each and every issue, I suggest you catch up NOW.


  1. National Hockey League? Fantastic! But . . . . doesn't look, on the surface, like a hockey related project. Suspense! Though I think hockey would work in a comic, the behind the scenes drama, agents, contracts, aging players/warriors! Wow!


  2. You must be busy.Not word one so not like you.Glad you decided to break your silance.Best of luck with Gardian looks interesting.As for Batman he still has me hooked.

  3. Okay, Neal, I'll admit it: this GUARDIAN thing looks very cool. I love hockey and I love comics, so to have a project like this done by one of my favorite artists is exciting indeed.

    And I like the idea above from cesare: hockey comics. Hell, a comic about ANY subject that's done WELL would be a welcome relief from all the reems of lousy superhero comics we're getting nowadays. Sports comics work in Japan--as do all other genres. Why is it that in America people only seem willing to buy superhero comics (and fewer people than ever are buying those, now, too)?

  4. So,...are comics taking over the world, or what?
    Each book for Each team has a 5 page comic book story inside to familiarize you with the action of the Particular character.

    There IS an all-encompassing story for all of this.
    It all ties together. AND it will be revealed as we roll into the new year.

  5. Just one point, Neal. If there's an all-encompassing story, you're probably going to have to make sure all the individual chapters are available to everyone, otherwise no one's going to fully understand it.

    For example, if I'm living in Toronto (which I am) and I only see the five pages on the Maple Leafs, it's not going to be much good if there's some key story element included in (for example) the New York Rangers segment that I never get to see. Or vice versa. You get what I'm saying? All the segments will have to be readily available to everyone if there are key plot points in all or most of the segments. Otherwise you'll run into the same problems that plague Marvel and DC with all their unbearably incomprehensible crossovers and "events"--which have served no purpose other than to piss off and alienate all but the most dedicated, undemanding fanboys and consequently drive comic sales into the toilet. Because the truth is, the only reason I pick up BATMAN: ODYSSEY (aside from the fact that Neal Adams is doing it) is because it's NOT part of the "regular" DC continuity. If it was, I wouldn't buy it.