Friday, July 26, 2013

Neal is at FANDOMFEST.

Hi Everyone,
Neal is at Fandomfest getting his Booth ready for the crowds. He is signing all weekend.
He is selling books, prints, original art. Sketches in books, sketches on prints. Bring all your comics down. Pull out your copy of "Superman VS Muhammad Ali."
This is the moment to get everything you have of Neal's signed.
Neal also loves conversation so come on down and ask any question you want.
Ask Neal about his Batman black and white story. The Xmen cover he just did. The Galactus cover he just did. The Unity cover we just handed in. What is his next project going to be.....? Does it start with
a "S" or does it start with a "R"?   Oops forgot the Thor Hercules cover.......

He will be at the show all three days starting today.
Have a Great Time.

Next weekend Neal is in Boston for the Boston Comic Con


1 comment:

  1. I was hoping it started with G ...

    Please could someone confirm if the super top secret DC project is the 8 pg Batman Zombie - or is there another one.

    Thank you.