Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday at San Diego Comic Con

I am at Booth 1829.
I will be doing a panel "Quick Draw" with the Great Sergio Aragones and the master himself Scott Shaw.  I know this is one of the highlights of the show every year at Comic Con. So come and support me today since I will be a little out of my element, at least that is what Sergio and Scott will think...Ha ..Ha..Ha... But I always have many tricks up my sleeve .
Remember my first start was doing Jughead pages for Archie. Hmmm This should be very useful to me today.  Like I said, "A, can't miss panel".  A once in a life time panel for me meaning it is my first time.
I will have to kill my daughter Kris when I get back to New York since she is the one that signed me up for this... See you at 11:45 today, wish me luck.

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