Thursday, July 4, 2013

Werewolves of London

 London is calling.
Where do you go for the Fourth of July, Independence Day?
England , of course! .........At the airport, they asked me if I had something to declare?
"Independence,"..  I declared ...."from England!!"  They actually thought it was funny!
"What is your reason for coming to England?" They asked, politely.
"I'm a GUEST at the "London Film and Comic Con" I responded.
"IN-CREDIBLE!  I'll see you there!" His eyes lit up!
London, will I see you all there , as well, spite of that little Revolution thingie-wingie?
I'm bringing  sketches and drawings, and copies of  the "Walking Dead" Con Special Comic.
How's that?? See you tomorrow.

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  1. HAppy Belated Independance day to you and your family!!