Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chicago Wizard World Comic Con Pre-Order Art

Because we had such a great time in Chicago at the C2E2 Convention, we have just added the Chicago Wizard World Convention August 9th through 12th. I've really gotten into this thing of preparing drawings before the Cons and finishing them up at the table for the people who pre-ordered them. It's much better than using my time in the evenings, while my family would like me to join them to see the town. Don't get me wrong. I get it that doing sketches at the table is cool. But having to send drawings by mail a week or more after a show, not so great. Necessary in cases, but not as good as getting them at the show. With the help of my son Jason, we are taking pre-orders so that you can buy a sketch before the show and I will bring it to the show so you can pick it up. You can make the arrangements with Jason by emailing He and I have worked out a way to do sketches at anyones price range so there is something for everyone. Of course, if you are not going to a Convention, you can always order a sketch on commission to be mailed to you as well. I have a convention schedule posted on my site, so be sure to see if I am going to be at a show in your city. I can even finish the inking at the table for those who prefer to watch me draw. Contact

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