Wednesday, July 18, 2012

San Diego Well, San Diego Comic Con is over. I hate to admit it, but it's probably the best San Diego Comic Con EVER. Not for Artist's Alley, I'm afraid, but for everything else. A lot of business happened, some of which you're probably not interested in, but other business, I'll be telling you about in the weeks to come. On the fan front, there was a lot of happiness, many things worth mentioning, but one I'd like to talk about today in particular. The personalized sketches, or drawings commissions. I managed to get through a number of throughout the convention, which was good. I took a few of the more complicated ones home to do over the next bit of time. But thanks to my son Jason at the studio, there's a new thing happening now that my schedule is becoming a little more solid. People are pre-ordering commission drawings with Jason, so that when I get spare time in the studio, I can get the sketches done before the conventions. I then bring them to the convention, sign them and dedicate them, in some cases finish them off there, and hand them off to the fan when he comes by the booth. It's allowing me to do more of these conventions, because the time is spread-out a little bit for me. It's really a very good idea, and a happy circumstance for me. If you want to do this, the convention schedule is right here on the site, and so is Jason, who can handle this for you. (you can reach him at In fact, I'm just finishing-up a drawing this morning of Thor, Ironman, and Cap. And if I do say so myself, it's a nifty piece of work, and with the time availability last night, I still had time to do a book signing with Denny O'Neill that was goaled at raising money for people who had suffered the ravages of AIDS. Down at The Housing Project, a Soho book store that deserves your support. A store that devotes all it's proceeds from volunteered books, donated coffee and pastries, to this wonderful, significant effort. And if today isn't your day to buy a piece of comic book art, and you have a few extra bucks in your pocket, seek-out these efforts in your community, and support them if you can. It all makes for a better world. New additions to the upcoming comic con list will be up soon. I hope to see you. NealAdams

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