Monday, July 2, 2012

Next Up, San Diego! Let me share this headache with you. Hollywood will be there. They will take everyone's attention, and spend millions of dollars giving everyone free stuff. And fans will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to stand on lines to get signatures, and photos, while dealers, and artists, watch the wild-eyed movie fans stream by, spending their last money on these rare and wonderful objects, to get that magical signature, and rub elbows with the stars. Kind of tough for the comic book dealers and artists selling their sketches and comic books. How do you stop the madding crowd for a moment, to buy a comic book, and be part of the comic con experience? If any of you out there have any bright ideas, short of giving away comics and going out of business, everyone would love your suggestion. The good part is that there will be tens of thousands of real comic book fans in hog- heaven, getting their sketches, going to panels, buying and even selling comic books, in the midst of the biggest comic book convention on earth. And believe me folks, there is just nothing like it. If you're coming, I will surely see you there. This is not a convention to miss. I'll be talking about 1. Batman Odyssey, 2. First X-Men (Yes, I said "First"). 3. A History Channel project called "Mankind", and if you've seen previews, you know it's going to be mighty fine filmic experience. 4. I'll be talking about "Gladiators and Zombies", Amazon Studios first big foray into big budget films, for which we did the the motions comic. 5. I might even be talking about.....Oreo's....! 6. I'll be talking about "Blood", the last chapter of the first graphic novel. It will be a lot. If you have any question before the show, or any questions, let us know. See you there. Neal Adams

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  1. So true, Neil.

    Good luck at San Diego. I'm really looking foward to First X-Men. I'm hoping to get to my first San Diego show next year.