Friday, July 6, 2012

The entire family is gearing up for the comic event of the year - the San Diego Comic Convention! I'm bringing a ton a new stuff that will thrill fans of all ages...beautiful original art for any budget, books of some of my favorite work, sketchbooks and gorgeous prints of my best-loved work (including some great kung fu movie posters and a trio of Bruce Lee prints). All three of my sons will be there. Joel with a whole new batch of Lilz prints that are his very best yet. Jason with his fabulous sculptures and the youngest, Josh, will be there signing his Dr. Who sketches and prints. I will be available for signatures, photos and conversation about anything and everything. San Diego is the biggest and the best convention of the year and we're all excited about being there. P.S. The Dark Knight Rises comes out right after the con and I fully expect it to be the best of the three. Especially with all the rumors about Ra's Al Ghul (a villain close to my heart) and even, possibly, maybe, Talia.

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