Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boy, am I feeling great....

Boy am I feeling great. Mr Obama is going to stay in the white house where he belongs. getting advise from Mr and Mrs Clinton and continuing to get us out of this recession. Hopefully, rich people will pay their share, although I admit, I doubt it.. They never have before, but at least, there is a shot. 

Batman: Odyssey the collection was in the New York Times best seller list for graphic novels. Long Beach Comic Con was a modest convention on its way to becoming a bigger success. Stan Lee is coming next year, I will be there, and hey, maybe DC and Marvel will show up. 

Oh.. When the Batman: Odyssey reviewers show up, there are two kinds. The kind that didn't get to the 13th chapter yet, and are enjoying the read, and the kind that got to the 13th chapter, and those are grinning like clowns, hopping up and down, and acting out some of the final scenes. And when I say "I told you it was going to be an odyssey", their heads go up and down like bobble heads, then they start describing it to others who are standing around. 

All in all, If it wasn't for that damn "Sandy", it would have been a perfect week. 

Very best regards,
Neal Adams

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