Wednesday, November 21, 2012


DON'T MISS OUT! At the New Orleans Comic Con, I will be on a panel at 2:00. I can't wait to show those of you who are their, Continuity Studios early work on the NEAL ADAMS  "BlOOD" motion comic. If you're into action and comic art and you have been following my "Blood" series in Dark Horse Presents this is a can't miss experience.  I will also be there to discuss my past work and my current works on "Batman Odyssey" for DC and First Xmen Wolverine for Marvel. My sons, Jason and Josh will be joining me on this panel and will be showing video of there works. Jason Spyda Adams sculpting works. He will be discussing his latest piece "Tournament Battle," two beautiful chicks fighting on dinosaurs and Josh Adams who works on Dr Who as well as illustrated the current Mick Foley" A Most Mizerable Christmas" book.  And after that, a Q & A with all of us. If you miss it, you will be missing a great exciting panel.
 AT OUR BOOTH ON SUNDAY ONLY! Jason and I have arranged a special, one time only deal for Sunday, at our Booth #707. We will be selling Batman Odyssey (the hardcover, which, I blushingly say, has made the New York Times’ Bestseller List for graphic novels) with a silver penned Batman drawing on the inside front cover. It normally sells on our site,for $230. On Sunday at the Wizard con, you can get it at our table for $150. I’ll have some pre-done, and for those who like to watch me draw.I can draw Batman in the book in front of you. This is a great gift for the Neal Adams Batman fan and its at a great price for that special someone in your life.
Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays. And I hope everyone is looking forward to a great Christmas.
 See you in New Orleans. 

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