Thursday, November 1, 2012

Frankenstorm has hit Continuity NY

Yes, it's Kris and I have taken over my dad's blog... Ha ha ha ha ha!
Continuity is open and if you need to speak with Neal or Marilyn please call 818-980-8852.
If you would like to speak with Kris please call 718-685-9987. I have electricity and can take orders and make estimates. The studio is fully operational in LA. If you need to order any comic artwork or books please email Jason at We can fill all orders out of our LA office immediately.
We have a full running studio in LA which is where Neal and Marilyn are right now. Our New York office is on the power grid that is not working right now but the studio held up just fine. We are hoping
that the grid will be fixed tomorrow and we will be back at Continuity New York as soon as the lights are back on.
Please call Neal if you are in need of storyboards or comps or editorial. He is working as always. Again, the number to reach Neal at is 818-980-8852.
Hope everyone is well and we hope to see everyone soon.

Kris:) and the Continuity crew:)

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