Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pete Stone here - Neal Adams' Batman: Odyssey makes it to the New York Times! The epic that Neal wrote and drew is finally getting the attention it deserves. Odyssey is a bold new direction for the character that Neal is most associated with - new ideas, new worlds, new characters. Odyssey was never designed to be a single issue or even a group of issues...it was designed to be read as a whole. A Batman novel. Complete with subplots and subtle character motivations, plot twists and turns, and a conclusion that fully justifies the time spent reading the first twelve issues. The art, by the way, is also spectacular. The inkers are some of the best in the business - Scott Williams, Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Neary, Kevin Nowlan, and Neal himself. This thirteen issue story is not just a return to the past; it is a bold re-imagining of the entire Batman mythos.

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