Monday, November 12, 2012

The answer to one of the most often asked questions about Batman Odyssey

Yep… the clue was the band-aid, among others… like, well… who comfortably knows Bruce… AND knows his identity?

Who would be writing, what seems to be, Bruce’s life story from his first case onward?

Kinda narrows down the field.

The field is further narrowed down when we realize who, in the DC Universe, is a reporter and a writer, knows Batman’s identity… and is a man. (Well, alien… man.)

To Clark Kent, this… Batman’s life story, would cap a brilliant career, if he could one day publish it, and Bruce would allow it.

Which bring us to the band-aid. In my mind, Clark Kent goes to work periodically with a band-aid on his face, neck or hand… (“Cut myself shaving this morning.” “Oh, it’s just a little paper cut.”)

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  1. Hi Mr. Adams..
    I have to admit, I liked how you tied up some loose threads from your Batman work from the early 70's...very cool!
    While I love every bit of your artwork, one image that sticks out in my mind is the full page image of The Sensei in Justice League #94 from 1971! I believe it was the last page of the story...the image was creepy, yet so real, dripping with emotion and detail! In the Sensei's thoughts, we were promised a final battle between Batman and this vile creature known as the Sensei!
    I felt in a very real way, Odyssey was the wrap up to that story published so long ago...and I'm also reminded that this was the first story that featured Green Arrow foe, Merlyn, now a re-curring character on "Arrow." Your work is ageless and timeless...I only wish you would do more.
    I had thought that I read that you were slated to pencil the one shot, "Batman/Green Arrow: The Poison Tomorrow." I was dismayed to learn that for some reason that never came to be...
    As I said, I love all your work and it would be a wish come true to see you and maybe teamed with Kevin Nowlan pencil and ink one last Green Lantern/Green Arrow story, maybe even written by Geoff Johns! If there's ANY chance of you ever penciling the interiors to a GL comic, I'll be the FIRST in line to buy it, that's for sure!
    Scott Rubens